There’s Nothin’ About a Truck

August 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

I wanted to write this piece and title it “Annie Goes to the North Woods and The Obvious Things You’d Expect to Happen Didn’t Happen (Or Maybe They Did)” but something tells me it is not the catchy title that I believe it to be.

There are two versions of the story. The short one is this: that I got in a car with my bestest bud Kimberly, we drove to Park Falls, I drank three bottles of whiskey in 5 days, I put on a swimsuit and laid in the sun, I ate too many carbs and ran too few miles, and then I came home.

The longer one is much more embarrassing, and much funnier, and I will probably tell you about it, let’s face it. My brand is self-deprecating humor combined with charming tidbits about how much I like to eat, so I’m going to tell you every last embarrassing thing I did on that trip.

I’ll leave you with this gem to get you started:

Yep, this happened.
More to come,


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