two cousins and a roommate drink a bottle of wine

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What defines a date?

Joe: There’s a number of things we can consider here. What happens on the excursion? What time of day is it? How long is it? Is anyone else present?
Annie: I already need more wine to answer these questions. Hashtag stressed.
Joe: (Ignoring Annie) What do you do on the date? What happens sexually? What do you talk about? Are you guys friends, classmates, co-workers? I feel like a flowchart would be good. BLOW CHART. High five?
Kylie: (Rolls eyes) Was it pre-arranged?
Annie: Do people our age date? Most people tend to have sex before even beginning relationships nowadays. And those ridiculous non-relationships that are really relationships are called ‘things.’ Which is just ludicrous. People are awful. I’ll be single forever.
Joe: I feel like it’s not common, but it does occur.
Annie: Do you go on dates? I don’t.
Kylie: No. Unless you count our downstairs neighbor coming into my bedroom to hang out with me, then yes. But he gives my five dollars. OH MY GOD DON’T PUT THAT I’M KIDDING.
Joe: So why isn’t that date?
Kylie: Because it’s an established relationship.
Joe: Do dates not occur in established relationships?
Kylie: I don’t know. I think of going out to dinner.
Annie: Who pays determines whether or not it’s a date. Unless you’re me, and Joe, Bert and DJ are constantly fronting you because you are poor as shit.
Joe: If you always split checks evenly then I feel the force of the date is diminished, but if you alternate who pays that tends to change things.
Annie: Oh god that means I’m dating Bert. And Michael Babcock. And YOU!
(boisterous chuckles from Joe. Annie and Kylie look sad at what their lives have become)
Joe: speaking of dates, have you read my election commentary?
(ignored by Annie and Kylie)

Kylie: I didn’t win anything.
Joe: I was voted most likely to become president in eighth grade.
Annie: I was voted loudest and biggest cell phone addict. But I was the only person to win in two categories. 
(awkward silence)

Joe: Is there one defining factor?
Annie: No. Let’s talk about my poor life choices!

Joe: What about mine?
Annie: You’re perfect.
Kylie: Not hanging out with us enough.
Annie: Truth. This transcript is no longer funny. My life is perfect.  New topic.
Joe: This is gold. You have to put this on Facebook.

Joe: Now that’s a saucy topic. First we have to define what friends is.
Annie: People that care about each other with no romantic inclination?
Joe: So more than friends is people who care about each other with romantic inclination. Which could be manifested in many different forms.
Kylie: Like what?
Joe: Physical romance –
Annie: – what’s that?
Joe: Holding hands, kissing, sex.
Annie: What about snuggling? I snuggle with everybody.
Kylie: Annie! Shame!
Annie: It’s true.
Joe: Wait, are you writing a play? Is this the pilot for your new reality show?
Annie: Nah, that’s called Annie Unscripted. But it has a script. The script is “Annie eats cheese on camera, gets drunk, and yells at her mother.”
Joe: Oh god. So what is more than friends?! And why do you wanna know so bad?
Annie: Because I hate you and shut up. Also because my therapist said I had to decide. I feel like I am more than friends with both females and males in my life. Some people feel like family to me, regardless of blood.
Joe: That’s dodging the question, because that’s not what the question means.
Annie: What does the question mean?
Kylie: Ooh! New items on QVC!
Joe: I guess it doesn’t depend on what has happened, but what you intend to have happen with that person, regardless of what the other person thinks.
Annie: That doesn’t apply to me, because I run from emotional intimacy like the plague and never want to be touched by people I know. When people treat me like shit I just want their approval even more.
Joe: Being angry is emotional intimacy. You’re full of shit. It doesn’t need to be positive. It’s just emotions. You have created this sort of vacuum impression of yourself in which you’ve sealed yourself off from all emotional contact, but you haven’t. You’re delusional. It’s a coping mechanism.
Annie: Not sure whether to be mortified. I hate to be touched, is that another thing that’s wrong with me?
Kylie: Me too, but not for the same reasons.
Annie: I don’t want to get used to someone touching me in case they leave me
Joe: How old is Rihanna?
Annie: I hate Rihanna.
Joe: You hate everyone.
Annie: Yep.

if you read this, i’m sorry.


Finding a silver lining…in a movie.

November 14, 2012 § 1 Comment

I saw Silver Linings Playbook today.

It was amazing. Jennifer Lawrence was a vision. She deserves the Oscar for Best Actress. Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro also gave smash-hit performances. See it and you’ll realize why it’s getting so much Oscar buzz. But I digress.

Today is a day that carries a lot of meaning and drags up a lot of old memories for me. Three years ago I made a big leap of faith, one that ultimately did not pan out. I do not regret it. I do, however, regret how I’ve handled the aftermath. But I’ve kept going. This movie forced me to acknowledge that I am simply human, that I just need to do the best I can, and that I should find the silver lining in everything. That’s all I’ve done. That’s all I’ve been able to do.

The film explores themes of loss, love, and mental illness. As someone that has been profoundly affected by all three, I was deeply moved by the film, but most importantly, I couldn’t believe how much I was able to laugh. And not just at funny things – at death, at sickness, at heartache. Because life is really funny. And this movie was hysterical.

The characters struggle with being bipolar, having OCD, committing acts of self-hatred – but they are not defined by their crazy. They simply happen to have an illness, and live in spite of it. My favorite line was about halfway through the film. Jennifer Lawrence’s character is angry with Bradley Cooper’s, and she says “There’s always gonna be a part of me that’s sloppy and dirty, but I like that! Because I like all parts of myself – can you say that?” I realized I wasn’t sure if I could. I spent the rest of the movie in stunned silence. If you know me, you know that that’s a miracle (yes, even in a theater. Sue me.)

I can be extremely manipulative, but it comes from a good place. I try to bring people together, or find happiness, sometimes through shady means. I am crude, mostly to hide the fact that I’m extremely uncomfortable with myself 80% of the time. I am unapologetically self-confident (and cocky), because I wake up in the morning and like what I see in the mirror – an example I hope to set for my sister, and one that I hope she will pass on. When I want people to like me, I cook for them. If I hate someone, I’ll still cook for them. (I really like eating. I also like making other people happy with food.) I sometimes validate myself through male attention, my absolute worst quality that I hope to squash one day (but a quality I will never forget or regret). I hate to be touched by those that truly care about me, because I’m afraid they’ll leave and I’ll miss them. I buy more clothes than I’ll ever be able to wear, and I don’t really have a good reason why. I let my anger at my ex-boyfriend control me, even six months later. I lash out at people who aren’t achieving what I believe to be their full potential. I borrow my friends’ clothes without asking. My room is gross. I find it easier to be mean and guarded than to be genuine and open, yet still expect people to be as sincere with me as possible. I’m greedy. I’m spoiled. If I love someone I refuse to tell them.

I like all of these flaws. I embrace them. Not just because some of them make great storytelling fodder, but because regardless of a huge list, I still have so many more pros than cons. So do you. 

Some parts of us are unavoidable. From here on out, we can only nurture our nature. We can only be the best selves we are willing to work for. It won’t be easy. It’ll be the hardest thing we’ve ever done. But I will challenge myself bit by bit and I’ll get a little better each day. And you know what? I feel good about this one.

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