I am unbelievably excited!

January 7, 2013 § Leave a comment

and no, not just because the new One Direction video comes out today. I may be 12 years old, but even I wouldn’t write a post about that.

No, the reason I am on the verge of giddy today is because I have finally finished storyboarding my collection of essays and have made a clear schedule of timelines/deadlines/etc! I might even actually finish them on time! (Okay, that’d be a miracle.) I have been talking about this project for the past seven months and I’m finally making headway.

For those of you who don’t know, or couldn’t figure it out, I have never been much of a fiction writer. I get wildly impatient with characters that I don’t understand, so I prefer to write about myself. Vain, you say? WRONG. I am simply more interesting. And by interesting I mean messy, crazy, vulgar, and great source material.

I am not the first person to do this, and I don’t know if it will be any good. I hope I don’t have a Hannah Horvath complex. I’m going to take the most shameful moments of my life and draw humor and inspiration from them, with a few (thousand) embellishments added.

When I post this to Facebook, I urge you to comment with a favorite story or memory of me you’d be interested in seeing me write about/reflect on. While I have the general topics picked, I’m open to suggestions, and I’d really like to hear what my friends think of me. 

SUCK IT, CHELSEA HANDLER. My book will be funnier than yours!
Okay, it probably won’t. But whatever.


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