My grandmother is much smarter than I am. This is not a surprise. She’s old.

January 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

because it is her birthday. That classy broad turned 26 and a few extra years today.

Anyway, my grandma is really cool, for someone from Fond du Lac, anyway. After we talked about all the cool stuff she’d found on sale lately and I promised her I was only eating whole grain carbs, and only before 3 pm, she asked how I’d been doing lately with other stuff. I won’t be specific but let me make it very clear that my grandma knows me very well, and she’s very good at pulling information out of me that I don’t want to share, even better than my own mother. I guess that makes sense my grandma she gave birth to her.

She listened patiently as I whined about all the stupid stuff I’d done (this week, anyway) and then when she asked what I was going to do to fix it, I was silent.

I could feel her disappointment through the phone as she sighed and basically said what Robyn has told me before:

“You can run like a baby or you can own it, my girl.” Since my grandma has two other granddaughters and she calls me “her” girl frequently it makes me feel like I’m the favorite. (Apparently she does this to Katie and Sydney, too, but whatever, I don’t need to hear about it.) “Stop making excuses and don’t be telling lies and just be honest about your choices. And your feelings. People can tell when you are saying things you don’t mean or hiding how you feel. You make people happy when you’re not trying so hard to make them like you. Nobody smiles like you, and you make everyone laugh when you laugh. Keep doing that instead.”

I think I will spend the rest of the day smiling. Thanks for that wisdom drop, Manya.


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