An Open Letter to David Hookstead

July 17, 2013 § 1 Comment

Yo Hookstead – I strongly dislike you. And I have a list of reasons.

One, you’re an idiot:


(Cool story, bro.)

And two, you’re disrespectful to women:


(Ladies, seriously? Have any of you actually slept with this guy?)

But the biggest, and most important reason I dislike you is because you claim to speak for the UW community.

You speak falsely. And this is dangerous.

As an employee of the Division of Student Life who works as an ambassador to incoming freshmen and transfer students, I connect on a daily basis with people who are new to UW. They are excited to be a part of an inclusive, intelligent, open-minded, and passionate community. They want to be challenged by thought of others, share their own opinions, but most importantly, feel welcomed and safe regardless of their background, gender, hometown, political beliefs, or sexual preference. And the things you post (which you claim are not your own thoughts) are damaging. They are cruel. And most importantly, they’re moronic.

Case in point:



Look, you have a right to believe whatever you want to believe. Your politics are your business and I believe wholeheartedly that if you want to buy every gun in America and believe Stand Your Ground is a good idea, go for it. You are within your rights to do so. But to thump your politics using the University of Wisconsin’s name, a name synonymous with open rhetoric, communication, and understanding, you are making a mockery of an institution we all love so much by claiming to speak for it all on your own. You are not UW. We are all UW.


§ One Response to An Open Letter to David Hookstead

  • […] The Badger Herald website was awash with comments, many angry, over their publishing of “The Creator’s” most recent op-ed in which his majesty tells his fellow, college-educated peers that “bad people exist.” He then proceeds to ramble about how rape isn’t bad, but it is, but smoking weed is bad too but no one cares, and women rape too. His structure is abysmal and his argument could easily be shredded, but I am not here to fight with David. (I’ve tried before. He blocked me on Twitter.)   I am here to defend the Herald. The anger at the editorial board many readers have expressed is misplaced. No matter how we feel about rape culture or Hookstead’s views, we must applaud Katherine Krueger and her team for choosing to publish something so controversial. As journalists, their job is to “write, collect and distribute news and other information.” (Thanks, Wikipedia.) They have done this for us. It is our job as readers to then vet the ideas we are given.   David has spoken about women’s issues in the past, often quite candidly. Instead of paraphrasing, I prefer to let his own tweets speak for themselves:   “I’ve noticed that the women that rag on me aren’t very good looking, and the ones that enjoy me are beautiful. Coincidence? I think not.” “All these feminist women need to stop harassing me. Society doesn’t owe you anything or need to change for you. Read a history book.” But my personal favorite? “Worst/funniest pick up line I’ve ever heard: “How do I know we’re having sex later tonight? I’m stronger than you.””   David Hookstead has made a name for himself on this campus by creating UW Confessions, a once-beloved social media phenomenon that has now grown tired. He subsequently used it as a platform to tweet his personal ideology, all claiming to be a representative of the culture of the university. He has the right to his own opinions, and the right to share them. We also have a right to our own opinions – and to disregard his.   Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter what David Hookstead thinks about rape culture. His previous comments have shown us that not only is he sexist, tacky and cruel, he is someone who makes a mockery of rape, and is therefore a proponent of rape culture. It doesn’t matter what Hookstead thinks about rape culture, because he doesn’t know what rape culture is.   It’s time to stop getting so angry about the ludicrous things David is saying and start ignoring them. His attention-seeking rants have long overstayed their welcome. When he makes a legitimate contribution to campus, then we can start listening.   Ann Marie Steib is a senior studying journalism and political science. She works for the Division of Student Life. If you’d like to read her previous piece about David Hookstead, go here: […]

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